Welcome to the Edge of the Empire

Aboard a stolen freighter, three fringers are trying to get by, get ahead, and make a name for themselves in the Outer Rim.


  • Di’alla Li’pa’ak, a female Twi’lek scoundrel (smuggler) played by Daniel
  • Shodu, a male Rodian bounty hunter (gadgeteer) played by Don
  • Sla’grath, a male Trandoshan colonist (doctor) played by Jaben
  • R4-W9, an NPC astromech droid with altered basic programming


  • Di’alla: Freedom, Non-Human Rights
  • Shodu: Mentor
  • Sla’grath: Greed


  • 01-30 – Oath: Shodu’s personal vendetta against the Jedi who killed Kendell Gral, his mentor
  • 31-45 – Bounty: Di’alla’s former master, Errol Riggers, put out a bounty on her after she stole the Idiot’s Array
  • 46-65 – Debt: Sla’grath owes Taklar the Hutt for bad medical goods he prompted the Hutt to buy


At the start of the campaign, Sla’grath and Di’alla are friends who’ve worked together for a while. Shodu is a “colleague of convenience.”

Base of Operations

Idiot’s Array (formerly Krait Fang), a beat-up YT-1300 freighter. Di’alla stole it from her former master. It’s a bucket of bolts, decorated in a wide range of styles, but it flies — barely.

Three Things


  • An elaborate heist
  • An escape through an asteroid field
  • Breaking out of a prison


  • Fight a jedi in a cool setpiece (not necessarily his Obligation)
  • Infiltrate an Imperial starship
  • Use of a carbonite chamber


  • Finding special artifact/equipment/ship
  • Have some Criminal gang like the Kyros be involved
  • Taken captive by a Jedi maybe? :)


Reference sheets

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