Star Wars: Outlanders

"Trouble Brewing" (Episode I, session 2)

The fringers assault Bandin Dobah's asteroid hideout

Obligation: 60, Sla’grath’s debt

Interrogated Spir with drug assistance, failed; then Daro, successfully — with a triumph he became an ally, but with four threat he became a resentful future betrayer.

Gark and Timos back at the base, Daro thinks they killed Gut. Left Daro with Spir, Daro unbound, in the flophouse. Headed to the warehouse, spotted sniper, took him out, snuck in the back.

Flawless, intimidating assault. Let the smugglers go. Took their stuff, including R4.

Vitalgo the merchant bought their speeder and extra weapons, expansive Dresselian who loves hot Twi’leks, has a huge stall, and is now a regular contact — a specialist vendor, but he also has a loose tongue and will talk about them on Formos.

2,000 credits claimed from Zukata for data on Kessel run from R4, and Shodu had sex with her.

Scanned asteroid, got scanned back, didn’t respond — punched it and went to combat with sentry droid and Z-TIE. Brutal space battle, victory for the fringers. (Idiot’s Array has both dorsal and ventral lasers, the two are connected by a turret that can be traversed with one maneuver, and the cockpit can fire the dorsal; those are its only modifications from factory spec.)

Flew in, headed to Bandin’s cavern and maneuvered to put aft end in pressure curtain, then when lasers came on to hover above the Vagrant, Bandin’s ship. Coerced them to power down, emerged, ambushed. Blaster fight ensued. Triumph turned Godon, the Rodian bounty hunter, into an ally. All smugglers taken out, Bandin captured alive.

Found glitterstim crate in hidden compartment aboard the Vagrant, labeled “Kryo,” Bandin told them it was for the Kryo Syndicate and “don’t mess with it."

Found crate of Twi’lelk slave collars, holorecording from a contract negotiation where a hooded figure offered 2,000 credits per case of slave collars brought to Antix on the moon Pryon.

Had R4 do a diagnostic on the YV-666: primary hyperdrive is damaged critically, would need a starport facility to fix; backup hyperdrive is very buggy, may not come out of hyperspace — not quite starport level, but requiring significant parts, skill, and repair efforts.

Found total 200 doses of glitterstim, 10,000 credit street value. Paid 2,000 credits for Godon’s safe return. Took the glitterstim, two binary load lifters, and incidental equipment

Piloted the Vagrant to an asteroid about half a day away by sublight, planted a transponder to respond to their chosen frequency, clamped it down. Hoping to return to it later on.

Sold glitterstim and Bandin to Thakba the Hutt. Bandin died in the Hutt’s arena. Planning to head to a world where the starport won’t ask too many questions, repair the Array, and make some moficications.



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