Star Wars: Outlanders

Claws of the Syndicate (Episode II, session 3)

Repairs and a battle with slavers on Nuula IV

Obligation: 03, Shodu’s oath

The shadowy figure in the holo reminded Shodu of the Jedi who killed her mentor, and it’s bothering her that she’s not headed in that direction

Researched Pryon, decided to go to Nuula, invited R4 to join the crew; he accepted, revealed Basic speech module

Pryon is the moon of Kaploss II, close to Hutt Space; it’s a cloud-covered moon (think Bespin) and is officially uninhabited; clouds there cause significant disruption to sensors

He likes hijinx, and is now equipped with a concealed blaster pistol

Nuula IV is a small world just off the Triellus Trade Route in the Outer Rim; 95% water with lots of tiny islands

Starport is run-down, but decent — and known for discretion

There’s a bounty listed for Nuula IV: Du’lan Anh-Voss, a smuggler who scammed the Kryo Syndicate; 2,000 credits

Mukrab, and Ishi Tib is the chief mechanic, gruff voice

Nuko, a Chadra-Fan gear dealer on Nuula, recognized Shodu; had good stuff; hyperactive bat-guy, Triumph made him a contact — got two Triumphs, too

Shodu spots a bounty hunter from the Guild, Nix Valco, a slick human woman — with Du’lan Anh-Voss already in cuffs; the Tornado is her Firespray. Nix wears a silver flight suit, carries bejeweled blasters, has perfect hair. “Slowdu”

Before leaving, Nix had contact with Fallo, a fat old bald Human who runs a messenger business with a specialty in hyperspace message pods

She sent one, a pod to the moon Pryon in the Kaploss system, single message “I know why you really needed Ahn-Voss. My fee has tripled.”

Approached by Biyozh, a Kubaz “entrepreneur,” who wants to hire them. His spaceport contacts told him they picked up a signal from a damaged ship on a collision course with an uninhabited island 200 kilometers away. He wants first salvage rights, but is afraid to travel there until he knows it’s safe. He’ll provide a T-47 airspeeder, refitted for passengers, and pay 2,000 credits if they plant a coded beacon at the crash site after securing it; speed is of the essence.

R4 stays with the Idiot’s Array while they head to the island

En route, two Sar-Kree attack the T-47, seeing it as a rival predator

Top wing torn off, 3 black added to Piloting checks; Trandoshan roar, wing slap, pour on speed and they got away

Shodu harpoons the fallen wing, brought it along; it’s jury-rig fixable

The ship, a black YT-1300 freighter, has crashed in the middle of a steamy jungle. The freighter carried 22 Twi’lek slaves, a mix of men and women; 4 died in the crash; they’re all slave-collared. There’s also a prominent signal beacon, powered and broadcasting.

Got shot at on crash site, flew T-47 over trees so Shodu and Sla’grath could shimmy out for a ground assault

Ferocious battle with slavers and thugs, Shodu sniping from behind a tree, Di’alla attempting heroics in the airspeeder, Sla’grath stimming and improvising

The Kryo leader taunts them: “Khuva Null is already on his way. The Kiss of Death will make short work of you!” Everyone has heard of Khuva Null, knows his ship.

Speeder bike chase while Sla’grath disabled beacon, Shodu on repeater and Di’alla firing from the passenger seat

Kiss of Death came down, Shodu took a couple shots from the YT’s gun turret, they strafed the clearing and blew everything up except a speeder and the speeder truck, which they took into a cave and shut down to reduce sensor visibility

Wait it out through the night, Kiss of Death has left

Called it in this state: They’re debating taking a speeder back to the Idiot’s Array, wondering if the Kubaz is on his way back (it’s been a day), wondering if the Kiss of Death has scouted the port for info on them or is laying in wait, wondering if the Kiss will even notice their ship, considering abandoning the job entirely and making it out



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