Star Wars: Outlanders

"Trouble Brewing" (Episode I, session 1)

The fringers land on Formos, in dire need of credits and supplies

Obligation roll: 75, Slag’rath’s debt

Slag’rath heard a rumor that a bartender in the Rii Jenks Caninta on Formos knew how to clear his debt with the Hutt.

The Idiot’s Array landed on Formos. En route to the cantina, the fringers shook down three smugglers. They encountered a dying droid, J8-9B, who told them an Aqualish, Bandin Dobah, had taken his friend, the astromech droid R4-W9, because he had detailed information on traversing the Kessel Run.

At the cantina, a Devaronian, Snoo, told them about Bandin Dobah. A Rodian, Zukata, came in looking for her sister, the bounty hunter Godon, who was tracking Bandin. Three thugs came in to make trouble. The fringers ambushed them, stunning two; the third, a Weequay, got away.

Loading the unconscious thugs into a stolen speeder, they took them to a flophouse to lay low.

There are four rewards available:

  • 10,000 credit Imperial bounty from Moruth Doole for the killing or capture of Bandin Dobah
  • 5,000 credit bounty from Thakba the Hutt for the capture (only) of Bandin Dobah
  • 2,000 credits for the safe return of Zukata’s sister, Godon
  • 2,000 credits from Zukata for the information R4-W9 has about the Kessel Run



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