Di'alla Li'pa'ak


History – Di’alla, like many of her people, was enslaved relatively young. Her owner, Errol Riggers, is a Correlian merchant with interests (both legal and illegal) in many systems. She was tasked with a variety of menial jobs, getting by largely on charm and luck until she stumbled into a simulator designed to train some of Rigger’s Racers. She was untrained, but even so she nearly bested the resident champion with an daring, intuitive run through the simulated deadly landscape. From there, she bartered and brokered her way to becoming one of those pilots. It was not exactly a dream job. A few racers died with every race in the highly illegal circuits, but those that lived were permitted some level of opulence and freedom from menial chores. Di’alla did well. She’s didn’t dominate the circuit, but she held her own, and her winnings brought in a fair income to her owner. However, while it was a step up from just a slave, she didn’t want to keep racing until poor reflexes or poor luck lead to her unmourned death in some obscure pirate hangout. She seduced her way onto the Krait Fang, captained by Derak Pondskimmer, knocked him out with a small holdout blaster she’d managed to cobble together, kicked him off the ship, and took off. She was pursued but she maneuvered the freighter onto the obstacle course set up for the race, and her superior knowledge of the track allowed her to make the jump to hyperspace. Riggers was furious, and put out a bounty on the twilek, then only 17. Now at the ripe age of 19 she’s out into the world with a mixture of world weary cynicism and wide eyed idealism, hoping to strike it rich before her debts come calling.

Obligation: Bounty
Magnitude: 15

Di’alla’s theft of Pondskimmer’s hunk of junk reflected poorly on Rigger’s reputation. As a criminal, he liked to conduct himself with a sort of gentleman demeanor and imperial presence designed to ingratiate himself with the local power base and, with luck, help make his dealings easier. Beneath the surface, however, he’s a egotistical little man who must take revenge for every slight. The bounty on Di’alla comes and goes when it happens to cross his mind and he has on occasion increased it to ludicrous amounts before allowing it to drop when the wine or the pique wore off.

Assorted facts

Di’alla’s belt is made of the scraps of her original slave collar.

Di’alla wears a small ribbon that ties the tips of her Lekku together. In addition to being decorative, this conceals the traditional body language of Twilek communication and is species equivalent to wearing a mask.

Di’allli’pa’ak (pronounced together) approximately means Faster-Than-Caution


Career: Smuggler
Specializations: Pilot. Trader (Explorer)


Agility : 4
Presence: 3
Cunning: 2
Intelligence: 2
Willpower: 2
Brawn: 1


Astrogation: 1
Charm: 1
Cool: 1
Coordination: 1
Deception: 1
Negotiation: 1
Perception: 1
Piloting Planetary: 1
Piloting Space: 2
Skulduggery: 2
Streetwise: 1
Gunnery: 1
Ranged Light: 1
Knowledge Underworld: 1

Traits: Skilled Jockey X 2 (-1 black dice per rank to piloting checks)
Full throttle (Hard check, increase speed by 1 on ships)
Know Somebody (Once per session, -1 rarity when buying legally)
Wheel and Deal X 2 (When selling legally, +10% per rank)

Adventure 2 XP: 45 – Wheel and Deal Rank 2 (10 Points), Skilled Jockey Rank 2 (5 points), Ranged-Light Skill 1 (10 points), Perception Skill 1 (5 points), Cool skill 1 (5 points), Coordination skills 1 (5 points), Knowledge: Underworld Skill 1 (5 points)

Di'alla Li'pa'ak

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