Rodian bounty hunter


Soak Value: 3
Wounds: 14
Strain: 12
Defense R/M: 1/1

Brawn: 2
Agility: 4
Intellect: 2
Cunning: 3
Will: 2
Presence: 2

Coercion (1)
Mechanics (1)
Perception (1)
Ranged – Heavy (2)
Streetwise (1)
Survival (1)
Vigilance (1)

Traits: Expert Tracker, Toughened


Born on the planet Rodia, Shodu’s earliest memories were that of moving from world to world with his parents, providing necessities to planetary colonists in the Empire-controlled inner core. It was a good life—as much as a spacer could have—but Shodu was content with the dreams of adventure that moving from world to world brought. Eventually, Shodu’s parents and the Ithik’cal ran afoul of an Empire interdiction cruiser performing “routine inspections” masked as nothing more than an extortion scheme. When his parents tried to run, the captain decided to make an example of them and impounded the Ithik’cal, leaving the family stranded. With nothing to their name, Shodu’s way of life instantly became much worse.

The Empire-controlled world had no love of non-humans and his father died shortly thereafter, having run afoul of local street gangs. The local authority didn’t even bother to investigate a “Rodian scum”’s death. Then, a few years later, Shodu’s mother died of illness brought on by the unsanitary living conditions they had to contend with in the alien slums. Thus, Shodu’s perception of the justice system was twisted from the beginning; the law served only the powerful.

Survival in the alien slums was difficult—only the strong or quick-witted survived for long. Shodu stayed one step ahead by joining one of the local gangs, earning his keep for his somewhat remarkable tracking skills. It was when the bounty hunter Kendell Gral arrived that things changed, requiring a local tracker to assist with the capture of a bounty. Shodu had heard of such hunters but had never seen one, certainly not one that seemed to appreciate Shodu’s abilities or treat the Rodian as an equal, although considerably younger and “greener.”

Gral’s bounty was captured in short order and the bounty hunter made the surprising invitation for Shodu to accompany him. “I could use a good tracker—maybe even teach you a thing or two—if you keep your wits about you. At the very least someone to talk to.” Without hesitation the Rodian who had been trained to hold a blaster since his early teens left the accursed world where his parents now lay at rest.

In the intervening years Shodu came to study under Gral, learning the trade and the code of the bounty hunter. Shodu’s affinity for modifying gear to help in capturing their quarry was of great benefit, as was his dead eye with a blaster rifle. Gral lost many a credit to Shodu, picking off targets under a starless night while at camp.

The trail of their current quarry had gone cold over several months but Gral seemed determined to find this one. He shared no details with Shodu—something that was very unusual—and seemed more interested in finding their target then actually capturing him or her.

Then, as it often is, disaster struck without warning. While on the trail of their mysterious quarry Gral sent Shodu to scout up ahead from a sniper position, something they would rarely do but the Rodian relented. From his perch Shodu saw nothing until there was the sound of a blaster shot fired into the air. Using his scope, Shodu saw Gral in a clearing with a brown-cloaked figure wielding a lightsaber. A jedi! Shodu had no way of knowing what they were talking about, nor why Gral’s blaster remained at his side. In a blinding flash the jedi darted forward and the two were locked in combat. Shodu scrambled from the lofty canopy down and ran towards the clearing, hearing the sounds of battle all along the way. It was when he reached the edge of the clearing that he saw the golden blade of the lightsaber cut through Gral in a killing stroke, bringing Shodu to a halt. His mentor fell down, a look of acceptance upon his face. Shodu brought his blaster rifle up to bear, firing off a shot at the jedi who impassively stood over his mentor’s body. Blocking the shot, the jedi moved with an unnatural swiftness into the cover of the woods.

Tending to Gral, Shodu could do nothing for the grave wounds. His mentor struggled to provide words but could not do so, passing away on this backward world, a victim of his prey. It was then—as the custom of his ancestors—that Shodu came to place a blood bounty on the head of the jedi, vowing to follow him throughout all of space if needs be.

Back at the spaceport, Shodu made accommodations for Kendall Gral’s body. Knowing that he must also disappear, Shodu sold his mentor’s ship, traveling on tramp freighters or as the occasional work hand.

In the intervening years Shodu has officially joined the Bounty Hunter’s Guild and undertaken many bounties in his time—most do not come back alive. Shodu finds it easier that way. Also, Shodu has carefully been cultivating the whereabouts of the mysterious jedi, finally putting a name to the figure but still in the unaware as to his dealings with Kendall Gral. As there are many jedi bounties already out there, Shodu has turned his focus to the fringe worlds, the more likely place that this jedi would turn. Also, with the remaining jedi aligning themselves (mostly) with the Rebellion, Shodu has kept an eye out for any potential Rebellion contacts. Inside, Shodu has this feeling that he’s close…

In the meantime, Shodu has found an arrangement of convenience with the crew of the Idiot’s Array. They don’t ask many questions and it provides him a good cover to move about the fringe worlds, discreetly looking for the lost jedi.


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